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  Malwa Industries Limited posted by malwa
Textiles / Garments / Accessories
Bussiness Type
Corporate (Based in India)
Number of Employees 100-500 People
Punjab, India
Sales Turnover
100-500 million INR
Number of Offices
Website Address
Consumer Products
Number of Jobs
1 job(s) available
 Company Profile
MALWA INDUSTRIES LIMITED (MIL) - Denim arm of the Malwa Group.
In 1997, Mr. Rishi Oswal, the scion of the Oswal family and the Managing Director of Malwa Industries Limited started the denim manufacturing facility in response to the increased market demand for Jeans in the 1990's. Commercial operations started in FY97-98 and since then the company has been growing at a fast pace. Malwa's premier denim manufacturing plant is located at Ludhiana in the Punjab region, the heart of the Indian cotton producing belt. Its operations span India (where it is headquartered), Jordan & Italy. Through these operations, its products are exported to over 40countries worldwide where these are sold under some of the biggest denim brands & designer labels that come to mind. With Quality certifications such as the ISO9001, ISO14001, Oekotex & Woolmark, the name Malwa has, today, become synonymous with superlative quality & product excellence. In recognition of its excellent track record in Exports, it has been honoured with Export Performance Awards by the Govt. of India in recent years.

Equipped with the latest machines imported from Switzerland , Germany , Belgium , Italy , Japan & the US , the facility boasts of some of the best equipment the industry has to offer. With this state-of-the-art technology, MIL achieves a current production capacity of 20 million meters of denim fabrics & 4.50 million pairs of Jeans annually.

The Jeans manufacturing facility at Jordan (Third Dimension Apparel LLC or more popularly Petra) boasts of an annual capacity of 4.0million pieces. It has the most advanced CAD system which helps in optimizing fabric consumption that minimizes cost, making the product affordable.

The Italian venture (Emmetre) is a fully automated state-of-the-art facility for Garment Dyeing & Finishing. It caters to the top end of the market and has a client base comprising of leading designer labels & fashion brands. The facility brings to Malwa's fold, prized knowledge of emerging fashion trends in denim making MIL a trendsetter by virtue of this knowledge. This facility also adds 2.5million pieces annually in capacities to Malwa's denim stable.

Malwa today stands tall & proud of its stature as one amongst a handful of denim suppliers, globally, to possess capabilities in offering Total Solutions in Denims and that too from a single point interface.
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